The ORCA Centres and Topics

ORCA Centres

The eleven ORCA Centres will cover 22 topics related to organic agriculture.


The Proposed ORCA Centres

Once fully developed, ORCA will consist of some eleven research networks, or centres, that pool their intellectual and financial resources to work on common research objectives.

All eleven Centres are linked together, forming a global network of networks for organic knowledge generation and sharing. Each ORCA Centre will be coordinated by a consortium of key organic institutions entrusted to ensure the active participation of farmers and the cooperation of relevant institutions. Coordination between Centres will be carried by an ORCA Secretariat hosted by FAO.

Five of the ORCA Centres will focus on specific agro-ecosystems: 

Further six ORCA Centres will focus on cross-sectoral topics that merit special attention:

Each of the Centres will both undertake inter-disciplinary and participatory research and develop a virtual library where all information on two key topics will be maintained and regularly updated. ORCA Centres will grow from existing institutions, which synergies will create excellence centres on specific themes. The ultimate outcome of ORCA is that multifaceted benefits accruing from the organic sector are shared worldwide.